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Photo Retouching

I have gathered photo retouching experience through practice and my roles at Snow Joe + Sun Joe and at American Standard. I have completed projects including silhouetting, color correcting, filling in missing areas, flipping product features, removing dust, debris, and imperfections, and more.

Personal Work

This is a personal project I worked on to hone my portrait retouching skills. 


I started by color correcting and brightening the entire image. Then, I used the healing, clone, and patch tools to smooth the skin, and remove any extra hair and blemishes. In the image to the left, I used the frequency separation technique to blend the skin tone without compromising texture. With the images below, I used the brush tool to paint over certain areas with extra texture. Finally, in certain cases, I added different nails or lips when I couldn't fix them with simple techniques.

Visit here to see all the steps I took!

Please scroll to see more images I have edited below! The four below were edited in the same manner.

Photographers for these images are: Iulia David, Hana Gonzales, and William Clark


Work for
American Standard




This image has been color corrected, and the flush trigger has been flipped to the left side.



B-2922A105020_2 copy.jpg


Missing areas of this photo have been expanded and edited to fit a square format.

Work for Snow Joe

This image received a bit of a facelift. Most notably: imperfections were removed, stainless steel texture was added, edges of the blade were enhanced.

These images have been silhouetted, color corrected, and imperfections have been removed.

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