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Snow Joe Projects

Snow Joe is a home and gardening tool company that focuses on being accessible yet cutting edge. I was a part of the consumer packaging team for over two years. In that time I have worked on: package design, package mockups, manual writing and layout design, and product photography editing.

Package Layouts and Mockups

I redesigned this package from our old branding back in 2016. Using the same die line, I added a touch hole per request. After applying the rules of our current brand, I made sure to focus on emphasizing the features of this shovel. After, I made a mockup in Photoshop so we could decide if the layout and new touch hole will work.


I brought this package design from our regular line to our "Tool Only" line. To design this package, I used a smaller die line (provided by our supplier), the package from our regular line, and the essential "Tool Only" elements.

CT_Mockup copy.jpg
Photo Retouching Before & After
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